The BANAR is published and delivered five times a year to Blackburn homes and businesses to celebrate community and provide information on local programs and events. Local businesses use the BANAR to stay “top of mind” to their present and future customers. Past and current copies are available at the Blackburn Library while quantities last.

The BANAR is a high quality 28+ page, black print 8.5 x 11 inch magazine. Printing and other costs are covered by advertisers and the BCA. PDFs of past and the present issues of the BANAR are available for download on this page.

Deadlines and Delivery Dates

  • Deadline Jan 28, 2021 / Delivery by Feb 21, 2021
  • Deadline March 18, 2021 / Delivery by  April 11, 2021
  • Deadline May 6, 2021 / Delivery by May 30, 2021
  • Deadline Aug 12, 2021 / Delivery by Sept 5, 2021
  • Deadline Oct 28, 2021 / Delivery by Nov 20, 2021

The BCA cannot guarantee delivery by the posted dates although every effort is made to have delivery completed by the last date posted. 

Delivery Opportunities

BANAR Distribution is being coordinated by Joanne Smith; please e-mail her at

Advertising & Article Submission

For advertising pricing, article submission questions, and business profile information, please e-mail our Editor, Kendra Brett at  Please put ‘BANAR’ in the subject line of all emails.

Articles can be emailed in the body of an email or attached as a Word document. High resolution photos (i..e, 300 DPI) to accompany articles can be submitted as email attachments.

 Advertising in the BANAR

Prices range from $40 to $300 per issue depending on the size of the ad. Annual subscribers get 10% off). Tax will be added to the invoice.

First time advertisers who purchase a subscription of ads marked with a star (*) receive a free half-page profile (225 words plus photo).

The BCA does not endorse or guarantee products or services sent in for the BANAR or take responsibility for the print or web quality, copyright infringements of photos, artwork or text provided by advertisers for the BANAR or BCA website.

SIZES for BOXED ADS (Dimensions: wide x high)

  • Full Page* 7.5 w x 9.5 H: $300/issue, $1350 per year

  • Half Page 7.5 w x 4.25 H*: $140/issue, $630 per year

  • 4.95 w x 2.75 H*: $80/issue, $360 per year

  • 3.65 w x 5.25 H*: $100/issue, $450 per year

  • 3.65 w x 4.25 H*: $80/issue, $360 per year

  • 3.65 w x 2.75 H*: $60/issue, $270 per year

  • 3.65 w x 2 H (business card): $50/issue, $2250 per year

  • 3.65 w x 1.75 H (smallest ad): $40/issue, $180 per year 

Circulation: 3,500 to 4000



Please e-mail for more information.

Past Issues

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