Thank you to everyone who participated in the Blackburn is Beautiful Nature Photo Contest!  We received so many wonderful submissions through Facebook and email, and it was difficult to pick the winners.  The Environment Committee is pleased to present the following winners and runner ups in their respective categories.

Here are the winners for the photo contest:

Wildlife – Devon Henderson

Cupids comyntas

Cupids comyntas. The Eastern tailed blue butterfly. It landed on a stem of grass and sat peacefully, letting me get close enough for a photo. It was captured for its beautiful blue colour.

Trees – David Glover


Spring trees near Tauvette.

Flowers – Logan Young


Found some lovely trilliums in the Greenbelt.

Other – L.A. Schnupp

Creative Gardening

When you decide to get a lil creative in your garden! Always looking for different ways to be creative.


We also selected some runners up, because there were so many beautiful photos!

Wildlife – Jean Martin


The Fox was standing at the edge of the Greenbelt behind our home.

Trees Ann Coupland

Pink Smoke Tree

“Pink smoke tree” Its quite a dramatic tree when in bloom with its feathery smokie looking plumes.

Flowers – Pamely Harle


I’ve been watching the milkweed plants coming along and yesterday couldn’t believe they were already starting to bloom. I find the individual flowers very beautiful and star-like.

Other – Violet Bosworth


This is a picture of a stump near my school.


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