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The Blackburn Community Association meets on a monthly basis, takes care of our community’s affairs, and works to make our community a better place. Becoming a BCA member allows you to vote at the Annual General Meeting and to join the Board of Directors.

Funds received from membership fees allow the BCA to implement activities such as Hockey Day in the Hamlet, Spring Cleaning, Canada Day Fireworks, The Cancer Chase, Santa’s Breakfast, and a whole lot more. We are also able to provide limited financial support to local groups.

A BCA Membership is only $10 per family at the same address. A family is defined as 2 adults and all dependents at the same address.  The membership is valid from July 1st of one year to June 30th of the subsequent year.

Email the membership director at membership@blackburnhamlet.ca. Include your full name, your full address, email, phone number, and how you will pay for the membership.

If by e-transfer, you will need to go to your bank’s website and initiate that process. Please include your name and phone number in the memo/note field of the e-transfer. There is no direct link from here to there at this time.

You can also send your cheque by mail to this address, payable to Blackburn Community Association.
BCA Membership Director
P.O. Box 47062,
Ottawa, ON K1B 5B0.

Please note: your contact information will only be used for BCA membership purposes. If you would like to receive the BCA e-Newsletter, please sign up for it at this e-Newsletter link.

Visit our Keep in Touch page to learn the many ways that you can stay informed about BCA and neighbourhood activities.

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